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Apr 4, 2019 by admin | 0 Comments

Medical Device Company Closes $2.4 Million in Sales Using LinkedIn- Story Inside

A medical device company that offers radiology equipment was skeptical that they could actually generate any interest for their devices using our LinkedIn strategy, and much less a sale. They did not believe the medical professionals they needed to reach even used LinkedIn.

After several conversations with the marketing team, and push back from the executive team, the executive team decided to allow the marketing team to test this new way of generating leads for their business.

We decided we would use the VP of Business Development’s profile to reach out to their target audience. We re-wrote his profile to highlight his accomplishments, but most importantly highlight the company and why their products are superior to the competition.

Their audience only had 2,000 prospects on LinkedIn, so we knew this would be a short campaign. Nonetheless, it was another touch point to reach their potential customers that was currently not being utilized.

In the first month, we generated 4 sales appointments. Yes, I know, nothing to be excited about, but remember, the first month is the slowest as people are approving our request to connect and getting through our message sequence which takes 2 weeks.

In the messages, we were very conversational in tone, but we got the point across that we were connecting with them because we had something they may be interested in, and asked for a meeting at their convenience.

The next month they had 8 sales appointments. Over the next 2 months they had another 12 appointments. That is a total of 24 appointments. 6 of those prospects went ahead and purchased their machine, which is an investment of $400,000.00.

At the end, from the LinkedIn leads that we generated over just a 4 month period, the company was able to generate $2.4 million in sales.

Not bad…

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