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Pay Per Call

  • *Pay only for qualified leads
  • *Significantly hIgher ROI than Pay Per-Click
  • *Far more affordable & cost-effective than Pay Per Click
  • *Track and verify results with dedicated inbound call tracking numbers
  • *Genuinely-interested prospects translates into far more

PAY PER CALL is one of the best and most cost-effective direct-response marketing resources a business can truly count on to deliver consistently-outstanding RESULTS in today’s rapidly-changing competitive landscape.

A far More Effective Approach

Better Price Best Value



PAY PER CALL marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads cost-effectively. You pay only for the serious prospective customers who initiate calls to your business.

Wizard Media creates marketing campaigns in Google, so that you are seen when someone is searching for what you offer.

Unlike Pay Per Click, you only pay when someone who meets your criteria for a qualified lead calls your business to make a serious enquiry regarding your products and services or to make an actual purchase.

More Effective Marketing


Customers who respond to PAY PER CALL ads and call the dedicated campaign tracking phone numbers are genuinely- interested potential customers, in an exceptionally-high percentage of cases.

We use dedicated tracking phone numbers that are reserved for your company’s campaigns only. This gives Wizard Media the capability to show you clear consumer response tracking data that pertains to each campaign, product and service you are offering to your target market(s).

Wizard Media’s PAY PER CALL program gives you the ability to specify the minimum length of time that indicates the call by a prospective customer is a qualified lead.

Maintain A Better Control


Since you pay Wizard Media only for each call from a qualified prospective customer, you are paying based on performance. Your investment per appointment varies on several factors including industry and service or product being offered.  For more information, please schedule an appointment with us.

Prior to beginning your campaign you will be asked to put a deposit for a set number of calls and then the PAY PER CALL service will be activated. Wizard Media’s system tracks your budget and your calls. The system, then, deducts from your dollar reserve budget for every call you receive from a qualified prospective customer.

When your budget reserve needs to be replenished, simply add more funds. This gives you complete control as to how many calls we generate for you, on a weekly and monthly basis.

Wizard media’s ‘pay per call’ program delivers a far greater return on investment for your marketing dollar.

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